What is Femme Fatale DC?

FFDC is the District's womyn-only collective of local womyn creatives & entrepreneurs. Our goal is to foster and sustain our local community of womyn who support one another's creative & business endeavors. We build meaningful friendships & business relationships, and appreciate one another's gifts. We are excited to launch our next pop up store soon.

What is The Omi Collective?

The Omi Collective provides artist-inspired fashion, design products and retail design solutions to consumers seeking unique, authentic, and artful items to inspire, and add to, their personal brand. And, maintain mindful and conscious support for the artists who create them.


Opportunities for Artists with the FFDC Fall popup:

  • Renting wall and floor space – The Omi Collective will offer 1 to 3 month contracts to 2D and 3D visual artists wanting to display art in the FFDC Fall location. We have listed the details of each individual opportunity below.  

  • Transformation display areas begging to showcase an artistic talent  

  • Potential for designing your art into legging, tote or phone case designs

  • Partnering with the Omi Collective for artist based activities and events


Give me the Details!

Below are pictures of the space, and on request we can provide the demographic information about the FFDC Fall popup. The store will be located at the former Union Social at 100 Florida Ave NE, bottom of the Elevation apartment building! That’s means there are 400 apartments of working, professional residents right above us. 

The NoMa Metro is just a couple minutes walking distance, and the Marriott hotel is directly across the street. The Hilton Hotel is also 5 minutes walking distance. NoMa BID is excited we are activating this space, and they will be advertising it to the entire residential and working community in the NoMa neighborhood. 

The Omi Collective will have an artist lounge in the back of the space. Paired with the lounge will be a bar of individual womyn business owners. This space will also be Omi’s personal studio area. She will be sharing her art goodies and space for artist events and workshops.  


Renting Wall and Floor Space

      Omi Collective Manages All Sales, and takes NO commissions

      Omi Collective will work the retail space and manage all sales. Artists do not have to work the retail space unless they choose to volunteer. Artists are welcomed and encouraged to hang and lounge at their own free will.

  • Artists must drop off and pick up their artwork at the FFDC popup location (100 Florida Avenue NE, Washington DC) on the dates listed below between the hours of 11:00 and 7:00. All artworks must be accompanied by artist bio, price and artwork descriptions. All artworks must be accompanied by hanging materials appropriate for their selected wallspace. Artworks must be framed or, if gallery wrapped canvas, the canvas must be painted on all sides. 3D artists are responsible for installing and deinstalling their work.


October applications due by October 4th

Drop off / pick up for October: October 6 / November 1


November applications due by October 20th

Drop off / pick up for November: October 28 / December 1


December applications due by November 20th

Drop off / pick up for December:  November 28 / January 1 (between 3:00 - 6:00 pm)

Artists renting wall space have the opportunity to utilize the Omi Collective art lounge space for 1 event per month.  Artist staffs the Lounge the day of the event, manages event and provides materials for the event. Profit sharing and/or vendor fees may apply.

Artists renting wall space or helping with transforming areas of the space have an opportunity to solo or group show exhibit at Mr. Henry’s DC at a future date to be determined, free of charge.  Artist must participate in installation and deinstallation of the Mr. Henry's exhibition. This is not available with work exchanges.

Artists may volunteer to work the Omi Collective space in exchange for wall space (Work Exchanges). Artists will have to pay a monthly wall fee as a security deposit. If hours are not completed, security deposit will not be refunded. All Artists working the Omi Collective space must have knowledge of all art works/artists in the space and promote the legging company. All work in the space will have artist bio and individual piece descriptions.


1 Month Wall Space and Rental Amount Fee    Work Exchange Equivalent

o   $150 (1 -4 pieces depending on size )          Not available for work exchange

o   $300 (4 – 8 Pieces depending on size)          11AM-8PM, 6 shifts. Must be                         available  week of December 16th                         and Saturdays.


Floor rental space for 3D art varies and is not available for work exchange.  

      Contract can be for 1, 2 or 3 months.

     Artists working in the Omi Collective space or renting wall space have the potential of having additional works selected at no additional fee to fit various areas throughout the store.

      Artists working in the Omi Collective space or renting wall space are required to attend and help with the popup restoration/paint night. January 1, 3:00-10:00

      Omi Collective may take a $100 security deposit from each artist renting wall space, depending on the work. If the artist does not show for restoration/paint night, Omi Collective will keep deposit.

      All artists participating in the space will be given the opportunity to carry leggings with the Omi Collective Brand. 


Transformation Artist Display Areas

  • No charge for participating and transforming areas of the store

  • Any artist helping with the transformation of the area will have the opportunity to have a solo or group show at Mr. Henry’s DC.

  • If artists chose to transform their own space under their brand, they can display their name, contact, social media handles and website information. The Omi Collective may require a security deposit for the space depending on the work.

  • Artists can make their displays as well as items in their displays available for purchase

  • The Omi Collective will handle all sales and the artist does not have to work the space.

  • Artists are responsible for transforming their space back to its original condition if walls are altered.

  • Spaces in the store available for transformation:

    • Bathroom  (anyone who has visited some of the latest collectives in NYC has seen some pretty rad artist bathrooms)

    • Dressing room

    • FFDC cosmic-angel-witch throne area

    • Mannequin Enhancements

    • Signage throughout the store   

We strongly encourage you to visit FFDC's Instagram page and review the website to understand the concept of the space. This is an all womyn shop and we are looking for art that celebrates this. The theme of the store is cosmic with pastel rainbow prisms, star clusters, geometric shapes and stripes


How do I apply?

If you are interested in participating please send an e-mail to theomicollective@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your name, Instagram and FaceBook handle, and your website link if one is available

  • 3 Images of the body of work or concept of work you would like to display in the location. If you would like to include more than 3, that is welcomed.

  • Please include title, dimensions of work, materials and price with images submitted  

  • The option in which you are interested:

    • Wall Space: $150 or $300

    • If you are planning on doing a work exchange, please mention this in your e-mail

    • 3D work

    • Independent studio retail space

    • Volunteering to transform a space

    • Owning a space for your artistic transformation:

      • Bathroom

      • Dressing room

      • FFDC cosmic-angel-witch thrown area

      • Mannequin Enhancements

      • Signage throughout the store  

Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you would like to see the space we can arrange for a walk through.

Color Palette


Photos of the Site

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.39.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.39.29 AM.png
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